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My love for international political intrigue fuels my storytelling. With a passion for crafting pulse-pounding narratives, I delve into the realms of espionage, high-stakes diplomacy, covert operations, and intricate conspiracies, taking my readers on a thrilling journey across continents and into the clandestine depths of power.

I have always found myself drawn to writing international thrillers set in the 1970s rather than the current era. There’s a certain allure to that bygone time, where the world seemed less connected, and answers didn’t magically appear out of the ether without explanation.
In the 1970s, information wasn’t readily available at our fingertips like it is today. There was a sense of mystery and intrigue surrounding every discovery, every clue. Research required more effort, and information was obtained through diligent legwork, sifting through physical records, and engaging in face-to- face interviews. It created a slower, more deliberate pace that allowed the tension to build steadily, enhancing the suspense
within the narrative.
In contrast, the current era seems to provide answers too quickly, too easily. With the advent of the internet and instant access to vast amounts of information, it’s as if everything can be conjured out of thin air. While this accessibility has benefits, it can also remove the sense of authenticity and plausibility from a thriller.
In my writing, I strive to create a world where answers aren’t readily available, where characters must dig deep, rely on their instincts, and connect the dots through real investigation. By setting my thrillers in the 1970s, I can weave intricate webs of mystery and suspense that demand intellectual and emotional engagement from both the characters and the readers.
Moreover, the 1970s were an era of great societal upheaval and change, providing a rich backdrop for exploring themes of corruption, conspiracy, and hidden motives. It was a time when trust was eroding, and shadows lurked around every corner. By immersing my stories in this era, I can tap into the cultural and historical context to enhance the overall atmosphere of tension and unease.
Ultimately, writing thrillers in the 1970s allows me to create a world that feels grounded and authentic, where the origins of information and the journey to uncover the truth are as important as the revelations themselves. It enables me to craft narratives that 
engage readers intellectually, emotionally, and nostalgically, inviting them to step into a world where mysteries are shrouded in the past, and every answer comes at a price.

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