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International Thriller

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Tightly written and packed with action, this taut suspense-thriller will have you on the edge of your seat! An adrenalin rush! Fans of Tom Clancy, Brad Thor, Ian Fleming or Robert Ludlum will enjoy Cold Deceit. It would make a great movie.

SA plane crash in Colorado, killing all on board including a senior member of the British government, sends Major Ray Kazan of Military Intelligence and a special operative of the British secret service to the US to investigate. Working with the FBI, Ray follows a trail of deceit and misdirections in the hunt for the people behind the tragedy. All the while, his efforts are frustrated by a ruthless, elusive killer with whom he gradually feels a personal connection, and how an earlier hunt for a dangerous IRA agent in Libya is linked. Answers in his quest are slowly unravelled in an action-packed journey of twists and turns.

A catastrophic airplane crash. Corrupt politicians. Shadowy CIA figures. MI6. Illegal weapon sales. OPEC and black gold. A psychopathic killer. An “MIA” Vietnam vet who may not be “missing” after all. All this and more grab you by the throat and won’t let go in J.J.Kaminiski’s heart-pounding thriller, Cold Deceit.

It's July 1975. Henry Grover, Lead Investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board, has just arrived at the scene of a horrific plane crash in southern Oregon. Victims include a high-ranking member of the British government. Was the crash due to pilot error, mechanical failure, or something else? Something more… sinister?

Meanwhile, Major Ray Kazan, British Army Intelligence, is on the trail of someone who’s supplying weapons to the IRA. The trail leads him to the hinterlands of Colonel Qaddafi’s Libya, and a cold-blooded killer. Sent to the States to investigate the crash, etc., Kazan soon discovers there’s more than meets the eye in a tangled web of multiple murders, mayhem, cover-ups, double-crosses, and cold deceit.

Meanwhile, who’s killing off CIA assets and agents, U.S. senators, oil magnates, and others? Is there a connection? Is it an inside job? Was the plane crash in Oregon connected? How? Has someone “gone rogue”? Why? Can Kazan discover the truth before it’s too late? (Think Jack Ryan/James Bond/Jason Bourne. And Magnum, P.I. You’ll get that if you read the book.)

Tightly written and packed with action, the plot is also taut and tense. It’s not for the faint of heart. But highly disciplined writing, full-bodied, three-dimensional characters, and a laser-like focus expertly convey the emotional intensity of each character’s life, background, and motivation, moving the story along like greased lightning.

Careful to avoid giving away too much too soon, Kaminski creates a rising line of white-knuckled suspense in a high stakes game of cat-and-mouse that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. An adrenalin rush!

Occasional British-isms may not make sense to some non-British readers: Car boots and bonnets, a shopping trolley, tyres, storeys, a “long handled silver torch,” etc. But contextual clues provide clarity, so this doesn’t detract from the overall story.

REVIEWED BY: Kristine L.,

                     REEDSY DISCOVERY

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