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International Thriller

A high-profile kidnapping and the mysterious cartel known as Alhalu (Solution) launch Captain Ray Kazan of British Army Intelligence together with the alluring Israeli operative, Gila Levenson into the world of the rich and powerful in their quest to bring down the organisation.


The narrative is a captivating work of fiction, skilfully crafted with a well-defined plot, fully realized characters, and vividly depicted settings. Each character possesses their own distinct personality and backstory, revealed through natural dialogue that enriches their depth and complexity.


The book features several action-packed scenes, vividly depicted by the author with meticulous attention to detail, allowing the reader to easily envision the action and setting. The writing style is seamless, with descriptive language that seamlessly guides the reader through the plot. The author masterfully builds suspense throughout the novel, showcasing their expertise in crafting a gripping story.


The attention to detail is commendable and highlights the author's skill in writing. This engrossing read is well-paced, with a clear and concise narrative that immerses the reader in the story. The conclusion of the novel leaves the reader eager for more, setting the stage for further adventures with Ray Kazan.


                     WINDSOR L.C.

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